The Bioethics Society at Indiana University-Bloomington seeks to promote the discussion of ethical implications of scientific, technological and medical innovations. At each discussion we encourage a curiosity of ideas and criticism of relevant issues in biology, law, politics, theology, philosophy, justice and medicine. Weekly meetings include lectures, workshops, debates and open forums.

Bioethics involves the study of the ethical implications of technological and medical advances and the philosophical dilemmas from such advancement. Bioethics expands to include the individual, societal and global level of philosophical and scientific exploration and comprehension. By studying bioethics, we are developing and sharpening the professional skills necessary for careers across disciplines, including those in science, medicine, law, journalism and politics. As future professionals, we face a world of rapid scientific and technological advances. It is our duty to tackle the problems and understand the ethics surrounding them. By providing a discussion, we hope to help develop the professional and intellectual skills necessary to navigate and solve such problems.

Meetings will be twice a month on Wednesdays at 5 PM. (Varies if professional speaker invited)

Dues: $5

Club Requirements: Attend one professional speaker event and one normal club meeting.


August 31: Bioethics Call-Out Meeting (5pm in Ballantine Hall BH 005)

Wednesday, September 14: First Bioethics Meeting: Ethics in Recent News- The EpiPen Dilemma 

Topic: Ethics Surrounding the EpiPen Dilemma. Student lead discussion with article.

Location TBA

Tuesday, September 27: Discussion with Dr. Sideris

Topic: Ethics within the De-Extinction Programs

Wednesday, October 12: Movie Social

Topic: Awakenings: story of a doctor’s work with catatonic patients, and the ethics surrounding the idea of treating them with L-dopa, a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease at the time.

Wednesday, October 26: Atul Gwande Book Discussion

Topic: Holly leads a discussion over the different ethical dilemmas presented in Atul Gwande’s book, “Complications”.

Wednesday, November 9: Invited Speaker Discussion

More info TBA

Wednesday, November 30: Ethics in Pre-Health Interviews Workshop or Ethical Cases presented in Hospitals

More info TBA


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